Blue 14km

BLUE 14KM category passes a newly arranged educational trail Pjeskarica that is named after the Velebit stenoendemic plant that grows only in the canyons of Mala and Velika Paklenica and nowhere else in the world. Race continues up to mountain lodge at the Velika Paklenica Canyon. This category is adapted to all groups: walkers, recreational, […]


Green 26 km

This year’s version of the GREEN category, although slightly longer with more elevation is actually lighter and easier than last year’s. The most attractive part of this category is the Mala Paklenica canyon which requires walking with occasional use of hands (easy scrambling on few sections) and is not recommended for those who are afraid […]


Red 47 km

A race for all those who want to see the best of Paklenica. Trail includes the Mala Paklenica canyon, a ridge streching from Sv. Brdo to Vaganski peak and continues through the Velika Paklenica canyon to the finish line in Starigrad Paklenica. One of the attractive parts of the race is the Mala Paklenica canyon […]


Absolute Paklenica

Take part in the vertical race that leads up to the Sv. Brdo, second highest peak of Velebit mountain in Croatia. Race named Absolute Paklenica (12.7km/1800m+), takes place in Paklenica National Park. Race starts by the sea, in village Modrič (0m/asl) and finishes at Sv. Brdo (1753m/asl), most attractive peak on Velebit mountain. The entire […]

Utrka Absolute - Paklenica trail-2018